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Why do you have to choose Dr. Ackerman's "Palm Beach Laser Center" for all of your laser treatment needs ? Shortly, we have experts who analyse your skin and give it the right kind of treatment to make it look the best. We assure you positive results with great confidence mainly because we use the latest technology in laser resurfacing combined with expert care by a group of skin specialists who aim only at customer satisfaction. There are a wide variety of treatments available for your skin which are stated below.

  • Laser Hair Removal Treatment
  • Laser Acne Removal Treatment
  • Laser Sun Spots Removal Treatment
  • Laser Stretch Mark Removal Treatment
  • Laser Nail Fungus Removal Treatment
  • Laser Pigmented Lesions Removal Treatment
  • electrolysis in palm beach
  • skin treatment in palm beach
  • vein treatment palm beach
  • cellulite removal palm beach

Each of these treatments have a wide variety of choices and each one has separate group of experts who provide advices and tips regarding the treatment before, after and at the time of treatment. We also use equipments which are highly sophisticated and hence the irritation caused during the laser treatment is very less and the time taken for each treatment is also reduced. The price range for each of these treatments is also very reasonable and you can choose among the options given to you according to the price range. As soon as you visit palm beach, west palm beach, wellington, your skin will first be examined carefully by the surgeon and then he/she will suggest the treatment that suits you the best. According to the condition of your skin, the laser settings will be changed and hence there wouldn’t be any problem for your body parts. Absolutely no side effects because laser acts only on the affected region and not the whole body. Below are the briefings for separate treatments available in Dr. Ackerman’s clinic in the palm beach, west palm beach and wellington area.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment: Waxing, creams, electrical machines, are alternatives of laser hair removal treatment which you have to do every 15 days to maintain a perfect smooth hairless skin. When you chose to go for permanent hair removal laser treatment, not only you get a permanent solution for your hairy skin, you also get shining smooth skin because of the candela’s laser system used in palm beach.

Laser Acne Removal Treatment: Pimples, heat boils, blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, etc are skin flaws which make it look ugly and old. Pollution, exposure to sun, bad water, soaps with cheap chemicals, etc are the causes for it. Though there are methods where in you can gulp in medicines or get a facial done, these methods are only temporary and can stay only for few days. Why go for options like these every month when you can make a onetime expenditure by going for laser acne removal treatment whose results will last for a longer period of time.

Laser Sun Spots Removal Treatment: Sun spots are caused by the sun’s ultra violet radiations due to too much exposure to it. Since exposure to sun can’t be prevented, the only cure is your laser sun spot removal treatment.

Laser Stretch Marks Removal Treatment: These marks make the skin look very old and expert laser resurfacing in palm beach gets rid of them in a simple yet effective way. You would have been trying out ways to treat it but nothing works as effective as laser stretch mark treatment.

Laser Nail Fungus Treatment: If you have yellowish brown stains on your nails which give a foul smell, it means that you have nail fungus and you should immediately get your laser nail fungus treatment done. After the completion of this nail fungus treatment, you will be asked to come for the regular check up for six months and your nails will be thoroughly examined by the doctor.

Laser Pigmented Lesions Treatment: These are spots which can lead to cancer if you don’t care about it. Experts in palm beach take care of it completely and will not allow such serious issues to happen. Laser pigmented lesions treatment will completely reduce the risks of cancer by completely getting rid of pigmented lesions.

Why waste time shaving, waxing, and tweezing when you can have smooth, hair free skin quickly and easily?

Find out what sets us apart from the others!

  • Safe Methods

    Laser Treatments are 100% FDA approved and in our case are monitored by Doctors. We have the latest and best in laser technology with over 100 years of combined expertise.

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  • Affordable treatment

    Although we have the absolute best in laser technology, you will find that our prices match and often beat all of our competitors in the palm beach count area. We offer price matching starting in June.

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  • Permanent result

    Not only are the results of our lasers permanent but they can often cure all sorts of fungus’s, rashes, acne, sun spots, skin irritations, ect…

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