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You might think that since we have ‘A’ class doctors and latest laser technologies, our price for any laser treatment would not be affordable. When you come to know our price for each and every laser treatment, you will know that you were wrong in thinking so. We understand that financial problems might occur our laser treatments are too costly and hence we made it a system where in there are a wide variety of options which would be suggested to you and you can make your choice that best suits your financial status. It is also a fact that the prices offered at our center beats our competitors and most of them have admired us for that. What makes the laser treatments at Palm Beach laser center affordable ?

  • Onetime expense
  • Wide range of options
  • Price matching

If you opt for creams, lotions, gels or medicines for your acne removal, sun spots removal, pigmented lesions removal or stretch mark removal, you have to buy them regularly and keep applying them daily for the results to stay in your skin. When it comes to hair removal, it is for sure that waxing would be your option where in you will have to bear so much pain and also spend loads of money once in every 15 days. But, when you take laser treatment you have to make a onetime expense by spending a very less amount from your pocket and once it is done, you don’t have to worry about it at all. When you calculate the amount of money spent for waxing, lotions, creams, medicines, etc and the money spent for laser treatment, you will find out that going for a laser treatment would be much cheaper than the other options. Laser treatments would be a great and cost-effective alternative for all of the above mentioned problems faced by almost everybody. We also offer wide range of options for a single treatment where in you can choose one among them and this doesn’t mean that the treatment’s quality would be bad. Every patient will get first class treatment despite of the amount of money he/she pays or the treatment he/she wants to go for. Apart from the laser treatment’s fee we don’t get any other extra fees from our patients. Anaesthesia injection price, 6 months regular checkup price, antibiotic given after the surgery – all these include in as a complete package on the whole as the treatment fee. There is no need for you to give us the whole price as onetime pay. You can give the price in small amounts and this is done because we don’t want to give you the burden of paying the whole fees within a short span of time. Price matching is one more factor which makes our laser treatments very affordable. If you notice that there is another reputed laser treatment center offering treatments for prices lesser than ours, you can definitely tell us and show us the proof of that and we will surely match their prices. We offer treatments which are cost-effective as well as highly professional. The staff members at our center know each and every patient’s medical history and they take care of each and every patient as their own family. What we ultimately aim at is not the price but the customer’s satisfaction. We want to make every customer completely satisfied by our treatment both quality wise and cost wise at the end of his/her treatment and every day we aim at reaching that day’s patient’s hearts and that is success to us.

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