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The skin present in the skin should be completely free from any kind of marks or spots for it to look attractive but it gets affected daily by the pollution and forms a layer of first stage of acne. A face with acne would be a face that is disliked by its own owner too so it’s high time we think of something that would help curing acne. Acne is mainly caused by dandruff that falls on the face from the hair which in turn is caused by excessive secretion of oil. Limited amount of oil secretion plays an important role of regulating the skin texture and hair all over the body but when this becomes excess, it starts creating trouble by forming congested pores in all affected areas. These pores give rise to a lot of skin flaws like blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, pimples, etc. When these pimples are left untreated and every time when you touch the affected skin, they get aggravated and leave a mark. It is very difficult to remove these marks and it’s not possible to keep on the face because it looks very bad. Instead of keeping it untreated to come to this stage, it is best to get a laser acne treatment done. At Dr. Ackerman’s palm beach, west palm beach, wellington, we use the latest technology in laser resurfacing and there are a lot of experts to help you out in any doubts that you have about your skin. We have a wide variety of treatments for acne removal which will surely satisfy the needs of patients. If the laser resurfacing is deeper, you get better results but recovery time gets longer. The laser acne treatment simply removes areas where there is damaged or wrinkled skin, age spots, acne scars, skin blemishes and hyper-pigmentation starting from the first layer (epidermis) till the inner layers which gives satisfactory results that last for long. Many patients have used creams, gels, stream bath, medicines, etc for acne removal and nothing is as good as laser treatment because of the following reasons.

  • Safe: – Laser treatment is done only on affected area and hence they don’t pose any side effects. There might be a very temporary reddishness on the skin and other than that; it does not cause any problem to the skin.
  • Reliable: -It is reliable because there will be 100% positive results. Though complete results will not be seen in the first sitting itself, once the treatment is over, skin starts showing up great positive results and 3-6- months after the treatment, there will be an overall satisfactory effect. Hence, the laser acne removal treatment is worth your hard earned money.
  • Long-lasting results: – Unlike the creams, gels, and other means of removing acne, laser acne treatment gives long lasting results. There are also touch-up treatments available to keep your skin flawless.
  • Constant monitoring: – When you use creams, you will not know whether the cream is causing any internal problems to the skin. Only experts and find that out and if you get a laser treatment done for your acne removal, there will be 6 months regular checkup done by experts in this field to see the effect of the treatment.

Is it possible to treat even worst cases of acne?

Only the laser resurfacing settings will change depending on how worse the acne is. It is definitely possible to treat even worst cases and there will be a marked improvement for sure.

Skin reflects the personality and naturally confidence level is high for people who have a skin that they can be proud of. Come to palm beach, west palm beach, wellington and become one among those people.

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