Stretch Mark Removal

After giving birth to a baby, the occurrence of stretch marks is very normal and it happens to almost all mothers in the world but leaving it untreated is the mistake that almost all women do. Though regular exercise and keeping a strict diet can help lessen the stretch marks, it does not get removed completely. With the latest technology in laser resurfacing, Dr.Ackerman has come up with a laser treatment for stretch marks in palm beach, west palm beach, wellington.

Stretch marks can occur even for men and you can find out whether what you have got is really stretch marks by the following

  • Reddish or purple lines on the skin
  • Wrinkled surface of the skin
  • Slight itching
  • Colour becomes white in the later stages and pose a crepe paper appearance

There is no need to worry about all these as far as laser stretch mark removal is available. This laser stretch mark treatment may take few sittings in palm beach depending upon how worse your stretch marks are. You will see a considerable difference immediately after your first sitting and 3-6 months after your complete treatment, you will see the overall improvement on your skin and this result will surely make you happy. Glucocorticoid hormones are the ones which are responsible for stretch marks and they usually occur in the parts of the body where there is more fat like the abdomen, breasts, thighs, upper arms and buttocks. Women are affected by stretch marks more than men and most of the women are affected by stretch marks mainly because of pregnancy. The glococorticoid hormones responsible for the development of stretch marks affect the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) directly by preventing the fibroblasts from forming elastin fibres and collagen which are essential for the skin. The effect of this creates a lack of supportive material for the skin, as it is stretched and leads to tearing of the dermal and epidermal layer of the skin resulting in soft and empty affected areas. Tummy tuck is the procedure for removing the stretch marks in the abdomen by completely removing the skin present there but in laser stretch mark treatment, laser pulses are sent and hence it does not damage your skin.

By doing laser stretch mark removal treatment, am I going to harm any other part of my body?

Laser treatment for removing stretch marks act only on the skin where stretch marks are present and it stops with the skin and its five layers. It has nothing to do with the internal organs as it only removes stretch marks and makes your skin healthier.

Will I get stretch marks again after few years from the treatment?

The treatment will focus on removing the stretch marks permanently and our experts will give proper advices and if it is followed, stretch marks have no possibility in invading your skin.

Does the treatment cause any discolouration?

Though the skin where laser has acted upon may red up for few weeks, it is only a temporary effect of laser and it does not cause any harm to the skin.

Will ageing occur soon because of laser?

Only the use of highly concentrated chemicals on the skin causes it to age soon. Laser it just a beam of light which repairs the damaged skin for few minutes and after that there will be no trace of laser on the body. Improvements in health of the skin the only motive of laser treatment and it will do only that.

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